Visual Discovery

Visual Discovery ~ it’s more than data! In a world that is empowered by data, the volume, variety and constant bombardment of messages can be overwhelming. But lets not make the mistake of ignoring the awesome power of human intelligence.

Information is more than raw data, it is a combination of intelligence, perspective and imagination. It is for this reason we need exceptional talent in the data industry, exceptional people who can see beyond data to the opportunities within.

Visualising data is all about discovering knowledge.

Visual Data Discovery.

Each visualisation above was created from the same data, but each tells a slightly different story and in this case, helped to provide the insight to solve a nagging problem. The full story behind these visuals can be found in this post: An improved algorithm for the calculation of WBGT.

Exploring your data in different ways can help you gain a different perspective, gain insight, inspire design or, perhaps simply communicate your message to others. What ever area you work in, take the time to step back from your data and look at it again, with new eyes and a fresh perspective.


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