Real Science…

Too good not to share, Real vs. Movie Scientist, is a hilarious take on science and the popular portrayal of science.





I was once told that scientists were a special breed of person. A relentlessly optimistic person. A whimsical person. And yet, pragmatic beyond all else. It seems that scientists are a paradox.


Scientist are masters of the art of patience, prepared to face – but not accept – failure more often than not in the pursuit of an elusive breakthrough. For most of us – the journey is far more rewarding than the goal.


We are problem solvers, creative thinkers, tireless in our pursuit. This is at odds with the business world, which is outcome-orientedprofit-driven, where often the requirement to deliver a result is greater than the requirement for quality… To thrive in such an environment we must add another feather to our arrow – the ability to enthusiastically stride along this path between business and science.


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