Working through the pain…

A short post this one. A post simply to share my current level of desperation 🙂 Our current workload is approaching unmanageable. To get through it, lectures are suffering, evenings and weekends are non-existent and work on my thesis has ground to an almighty halt.

There are a number of critical assignments due in the next 4 weeks, that collectively form a major part of our final grades. In fact, they rival our final exams for sheer weighting. Oh yes, and then exams are looming all-too-soon. And once they are over, I need to consider getting back into the work force with something more like full-time work rather than the reduced hours I am currently on.

So there is a sense of frustration and guilt around my thesis work, which has slid right to the bottom of the priority list. But being a grinch doesn’t help. On the positive side, I have number of datasets sitting in front of me right now. I am yet to look at them, and I am not really sure what to expect or how much work they will be to massage into shape. But there is plenty of data-goodies just sitting there on the shelf waiting for some attention.

I had hoped to be able to slowly plug away on things and have a firm platform before November rolled around. This is looking unlikely at this stage, which will keep the heat on Nov – Feb. Still, I am looking forward to it.


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